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Meet the Cowgirl of Fern Creek

Just your average cowboy gal who enjoys intuitively guided, fun-filled time with horses and and believes that the best things in life are even better when shared.

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Kate Seymour Photography

With a background in horses and cooking, I have worked hard to cultivate two skill sets that seemingly have nothing to do with one another. For years I have convinced myself of this. Back in 2021 I moved into an old cabin in Vermont that is positioned between two creeks that are both lined with more ferns than one can possibly imagine, this was how Fern Creek Cabin came to be. I remember when I first moved in, I had a clear vision of women gathered in the field, I couldn’t put a finger on why or how to support this but it felt significant so I kept it in my back pocket and am finally now watching it come alive all on its own.


Fast forward through a few years, a couple of beautiful retreats and countless hours daydreaming of how to align with my vision and now, finally, we are here! Fern Creek Cowgirls is a collaboration of my life’s work, nourishing others through food, horses and holding space.

There is no one more powerful than a woman who knows what her purpose is and follows it unapologetically. My intention is for Fern Creek to be a place where rad women come to share their purpose, passion and power with others. So whether you want to host or attend a retreat at Fern Creek Cabin, poke around on here and see what lights you up!

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