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Women's Entrepreneur Workshop

led by Kate Seymour, Eliza Buskey & Sierra Seidel

July 13, 2024 from 10 AM - 6 PM


Our Mission

As young entrepreneurs, we see the challenges that come with creating community with others while living in rural areas of New England. This often means that we have to go out of our comfort zones to establish new working relationships when so much of our work is done alone.

It is our goal with this workshop, to facilitate relationships and give individuals an opportunity to share their work with others. It is a space to expand your content, your connections and your creative thinking around your work.


This workshop is designed with the new business owner in mind. We are bringing you a full spectrum of support to launch you into the next level of your work. With everything from group conversations about what it looks like for new business owners in the age of social media, how to market your work efficiently and  you can even walk away with photographs to get yourself started! 

Meet The Team

Kate Seymour

Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Eliza Buskey

Host & Authenticity Coach

Sierra Seidel

Calligraphy & Design

"If you look at the people in your circle and you are not inspired.. you don't have a circle. You have a cage."

- Unknown

Workshop Layout

Arrival is 10 AM, we will start with introductions and time to share about our businesses or work that brought us all together. 

At 12:30 we will break for lunch - this is a BYOLW (bring your own lunch workshop) however we will provide refreshments as well as a few snack options!

After lunch we will dive into discussions around marketing, color coding and what blocks we might have from our past that may currently or eventually become road blocks as our businesses progress. What are our biggest fears? What lights us up? And how having a personal business can reflect back to us what we must overcome as individuals.

As golden hour moves in we will shift to the photoshoot portion where Kate will work with each attendee to gather images that will support you and the growth of your business as you move forward.

Departure is at 6 PM 

Whether you are just getting started or are established and are craving connection, we do hope you join us as we build a community of rad women standing in our authentic power with grace and gumption! 

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