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Solstice Under the Stars

with Kelly Dukarski of A Wild Omen


Join A Wild Omen and Fern Creek Cowgirls at The Cabin for a weekend of magic as we usher in the season of Summer. 

You'll experience the healing power of horses through Equine Gestalt, Herbal Self Care Rituals created from wild foraged plants & flowers and  Farm to Table meals inspired by the season & local ingredients. Sleep under the stars in beautifully accomadated bell tents as you're lulled to sleep with the sounds of nature. 

This is an opportunity to tune into your intuition, become closer to nature  and connect with a circle of women, as you share in an amazing experience

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Solstice is the longest day of the year. The day of light. Giving us an opportunity to soak in the warmth of the day and celebrate with an offering to the season. 

Summer is the time of year when we step into a full expression of self. It's when we Bloom. This season calls on us to open ourselves up and embrace the bounty of all that is around us. Setting our intention for how we move through the world by connecting to others, honoring ourselves with self care and experiencing the unknown by trusting our intuition and growing in the light of the season. This is the season of freedom and expression of self. An opportunity to reconnect to our own power... It's the Becoming.

Please join us for this fun, uplifting and inspiring event!! Show up as you are and leave forever changed by the magic that is... SOLSTICE UNDER THE STARS

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