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Your True Nature Retreat

Join us in the hills of Vermont for a day of connection, community and feminine embodiment. This retreat is an opportunity to integrate the physical, emotional and energetic layers of our being.

We will explore through a variety of offerings, including meditation, creative workshops, Yin Yoga, nourishing meals and time in nature. Gentle physical movement practices will guide us to heal and reconnect with the heartspace, cultivating a deep sense of self-compassion and acceptance. 


Now more than ever, as women we are feeling the pull to return to our radiant and powerful nature. Living in a society dominated by the masculine, we have become disconnected from our true selves. We are afraid to speak our minds in relationships. We avoid confrontation and “rocking the boat”. We fear standing out and shining in our careers. We keep ourselves small by dismissing our deepest desires. Patterns that once kept us safe are no longer supportive for our personal and collective growth. It is time to embody and express our greatest potential.


Your True Nature Retreat will provide you the space to explore what it means for you to be in your authentic truth and to connect with other women on their unique paths. This day is a chance for you to slow down from the go-go-go culture and turn your gaze inward. You will walk away from this experience feeling embodied, expressed and inspired to take intentional action in your life. We have crafted two options for participating in this retreat. First, we have a day time only package that includes all of the activities for growth and connection while still allowing participants the option to return to the comforts of home if joining us locally. Secondly, we are offering an overnight option for Friday night, prior to the workshops, for those who will need to travel or just want to stay in the nurturing atmosphere of Fern Creek Cabin. Both options are available 

*Please note that this experience is unlike most Fern Creek offerings in that it is not centrally themed around horses. Horses may be on property and will likely be woven into the conversation, however they are not the focal point of this specific retreat offering*

This Retreat is for you if you are ...

  •  Desiring female connection in an intimate group setting 

  • Inspired to show up differently in your life 

  • Craving to know yourself on a deeper level 

  • Curious about embodiment and what it means to live in your true nature

  • Being called for more but don’t exactly know the what or the how

  • Needing a space to find stillness and relaxation in nature 

  • Ready to return to your fullest expression and reconnect to your feminine energy  

Meet Your Hosts

Eliza and Kaylee met a few years back while working for a local + sustainable meal delivery service in Bozeman, MT. They immediately connected over their love for bringing delicious and intentionally crafted meals to people’s plates. Over the years they expanded their relationship through exploring spirituality, energetics and their unique creativity together. These two tauruses are drawn together by their desire to hold space and heal the collective through food, conversation and embodiment. Eliza and Kaylee are both deeply passionate about providing women with the opportunity to express themselves and step into their authenticity. 

Eliza Buskey

Intuitive Facilitator

As the space holder of Fern Creek Cabin, Eliza enjoys sharing her home and land with others. Eliza's background is primarily with horses and food but also has a gift of story telling that allows her to connect with folks from all walks of life.

    Lauren Summers Photography


    Kaylee Murray 

    Life Coach/Yin Yoga Instructor

    Kaylee Murray is a certified life coach with a deep passion for helping people become their fully expressed selves. Kaylee is also a Yin Yoga & Meditation instructor which she loves to blend with her coaching practices. She currently resides in the mountains of the northern Rockies with roots in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. 

      Claire Lichtwardt Photography

      Weekend Layout

      Friday Evening (Overnight Option Only)

      4:30 PM Arrival 

      6:00 PM Dinner 

      Friday evening will be a chance to meet, mingle and connect to the space where Saturdays workshops will take place.


      8 AM Breakfast (Overnight)

      10 AM Arrival

      10:15 Opening Circle

      11 AM Yin Yoga

      12 PM Workshop #1

      1 PM Lunch/Break

      2 PM Workshop #2

      3 PM Integration + Group Energy Work

      4 PM Connection + Farewells

      5 PM Departure

      Saturday will start out with gentle movement to ground our bodies into the present moment. That will be followed by a workshop that will explore our heart space, how do we hear it? How do we feel it? This will create the foundation that we will be building off throughout the day.

      After lunch we will dive right back into an afternoon workshop. This will focus on fear, limiting beliefs and what is true for our bodies experience in it.

      We will end our day adding to our toolboxes ways to integrate what we have uncovered with the guidance of the hosts.

      KateSeymourPhotography-5 (3).jpg
      "Eliza and her cabin hold space effortlessly for gatherings. The attention to detail for accommodations is so thoughtful, comforting and simple. The food she creates is a song in her very own love language, and is so nourishing and beautifully presented. The flow of down time and activities was organic, nothing felt rushed and we savored every moment."

      Morgan G.

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